We bring to the
a beautiful interface for peer to peer energy trading.

Decentralising the marketplace from the supplier to the people.

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Local energy grid at your fingertips.

We work on providing to engaged users an elegant interface that allows them
to manage their own energy supply consumption, production or trading
and perform transactions via a dedicated digital currency wallet

Energy production consumption made simple

Access your local smart grid interface, anytime, anywhere.

Local Energy Production

People produce renewable energy (from windmills, solar panels, biomass) or get it from the grid.

Smart Grid Community

Prosumers can skip intermediaries to directory sell the energy excess to neighbors -- or to the utilities provider -- using a dedicated currency

Connection to the underlying database

Transactions made via our chainergy decentralised application on top of a distributed platform.

Mobile-friendly, responsive fonctional UI

From Back-end to front-end, a beautifully simple user interface. It allows consumer-producers, the prosumers, to monitor data from main indicators.

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